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Following the London 2012 Olympics, the government agreed to invest over £450million in school sports funding upto 2016 and in the last Parliament this was agreed to be extended until at least 2020, partially funded for by the introduction of the “sugar-tax”.  This summer all the vigour from London 2012 has been refreshed by the amazing performance of our athletes at the Rio Olympics.

The funding is designed to ‘help improve the quality of the P.E. and sport activities offered to pupils’.

This is known as Sport Premium funding and is ring fenced in school to be spent solely on school sport and P.E.  This year (2018/19) we will receive £19,996

Schools are held accountable by Ofsted regarding the spending of this grant and Ofsted will report on how we spend our Sport Premium funding.

The attached documents show historically our action plans, achievements and looking forward our aims and ambitions for the current academic year and budget proposal.


Schools must spend this additional funding on IMPROVING their provision of P.E. and sport, but each school has the freedom to choose how to do this.  Inspectors may review our school website, looking for evidence of our sporting provision as well as when they visit our school.  Schools must be able to account for their spending and to show how it has improved sporting provision.


Competition is also an important feature – it’s about personal competition as well as team competitions both within school (intra-school) and between schools (inter-school) particularly in KS2.

Physical Literacy

The money has come from 3 areas
*Department of Education
*Health & Culture
*Media and Sport
We want children to become more active and more aware of their health through P.E. lessons.


Downloads and Further Information

2017 to 2019

Sports Premium Action Plan v2

2016 to 2017

Sports Premium 201617

If you require any further information or have any queries, please contact Miss S Thielmann, PE Co-ordinator on 0191 433 4000.


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