Year 5

Miss Thielmann (Teacher) / Miss Robinson (ARMs)


Welcome to Year 5! This year is an exciting year, packed full of memorable opportunities and the chance for the children to take on important responsibilities in their first year of upper key stage 2. 

 This year the children will continue to develop as independent learners while reaching their full academic potential in preparation for their transition to Year 6. 

 In Year 5 we work hard, respect each other and engage in and enjoy our learning. The year ahead is packed full of exciting challenges.   


Primary Boss of the North

Wednesday Update! On Tuesday, the ultimate mathematics challenge started. At 9am on 3rd July  four simultaneous competitions launched for schools across England: Boss of the North, Primary Boss of the North, Boss of the South and Primary Boss of the South. Swalwell...

Encryption Wizards

Year 5 have been taking a crash course in espionage, with a particular focus on encryption and decoding. They have learnt how to crack codes, especially with a mathematical twist, as well as how to create their own. Looking at Morse code gave them a great insight into...

Motivating England

After studying and listening to Churchill's morale-boosting speeches from World War 2, Year 5 have written their own motivating speeches to deliver to the England team before their match with Belgium. They have then recorded their speeches onto an iPad to practise...

Reflective Y5

This week, Year 5 have started to study the life of Anne Frank, as part of this they have discussed what life was like for Jews and other minorities in Nazi-occupied Europe. This has given us an opportunity to explore the dangers of extremism, divided communities and...

The Blitz comes to Swalwell!

Year 5 have been studying the effects of the Blitz and bombings during WW2 on individuals this week. Using newspapers and photographs as sources of information they have been able to piece together clues about life under the threat of a bomb. We even experienced...

PE Fun

Y5 pupils will need to bring their PE kit Monday - Thursday next week so that they can participate in some 'extra' PE lessons. Thank you

Using perspective

Year 5 are studying Henry Moore during this half term. They have been trying to recreate some of his iconic sketches of the air raid shelters during WW2. Using their knowledge of perspective they have been able to recreate a tunnel underground, giving the illusion of...

Frantic Percentages

Year 5 have worked frantically to find as many different ways of writing percentages as they can. Collaborative skills and logical thinking have helped them to develop complicated mind maps showing their percentages. Fantastic...

Maths Fun

During the holidays you can still practise your maths skills. Use your username and passwords to log onto the sites below. You will find some work set for you to complete and you can also explore and complete some work for yourself.

Easter Experience

Today, Year 5 visited the Holy Trinity Church, in Swalwell, to participate in an Easter Experience. During our visit they followed the Easter story through a variety of 'stations' and explored in depth the journey of Jesus through Holy...

Happy Pi Day

On Wednesday 14th March, the pupils in Y5 and 6 celebrated Pi Day. After establishing that it isn't a day to celebrate eating pie, we learnt through a range of activities about pi. Pi is an infinite number, which links the diameter and circumference of a circle. It's...


On Thursday, Year 5 were lucky enough to pay Early Years a visit so they could see the chicks. 5 pupils helped Miss Lawson to clean the 'tank' that they've been living in. We were all able to hold them and couldn't believe how soft they were.

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