Year 2

Miss Foster (Teacher) / Mrs Telford (SEN)


In Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) we build upon and respect the very good start the children receive in the EYFS. We aim to create and provide a safe, secure, motivational and thought-provoking environment that encourages children to become curious and independent learners.

There is a balance between adult directed, child led and independent activities; which incorporates creativity and investigative learning with a solid foundation in more formal methods.

This approach allows for a smooth transition for the children from the Early Years Foundation Stage and encourages the development of self-esteem, independence and mutual respect.


Evil Villains – Year 2

As part of our English topic based on the Story Traction Man, Year 2 all created their very own evil villain using a household utensil. Next we are going to be making up our own stories using our evil Villain and Traction Man will have to come to the rescue!      ...

The Incredibles – Year 2 and 1

Today Years 1 and 2 visited the Vue cinema to watch the Incredibles 2. The children loved talking about their favourite characters and later in class we identified each others’ superpowers. Next week we will be creating our own superhero stories and further exploring...

Habitat Hunters!

Today we have been out hunting for microhabitats in the school grounds. We have identified different areas where animals could live and discussed why they would be suited to that area.    

We are all Incredible!

Today Years 1 and 2 visited the Vue cinema to watch the Incredibles 2. The children loved talking about their favourite parts and later in class we identified each others' superpowers. The children told Heath he was incredible at reading and drawing, Bobby-Lee was...

Living, Dead or Never Alive – Year 2

As part of our science topic, Animals and their habitats, we have been identifying if something is living, dead or has never been alive. We made up actions to help us remember the seven life processes that all living things do and then we sorted and classified a range...

Warburtons visit Year 2

Today Gail from Warburtons visited our class to teach us about healthy eating. We learnt about what we should eat to keep our teeth, bones and muscles healthy, food safety and hygiene and the history of the Warburtons company. We than buttered our bread rolls and...

Our Class Value – RESPECT

Our year 2 class value is RESPECT. We watched Sesame Street and read a passage from the bible and decided on what respect meant to us. We then made a display to share our value and learning with others.

Making Bracelets – Year 2

To celebrate that we are all different, today in class we made bracelets that are all about ourselves. We had to follow instructions and only apply a certain bead if a statement was true about ourselves. We then compared bracelets and found that every person had made...

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