Year 2

Miss Foster (Teacher) / Mrs Telford (SEN)


In Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) we build upon and respect the very good start the children receive in the EYFS. We aim to create and provide a safe, secure, motivational and thought-provoking environment that encourages children to become curious and independent learners.

There is a balance between adult directed, child led and independent activities; which incorporates creativity and investigative learning with a solid foundation in more formal methods.

This approach allows for a smooth transition for the children from the Early Years Foundation Stage and encourages the development of self-esteem, independence and mutual respect.


Primary Boss of the North

Wednesday Update! On Tuesday, the ultimate mathematics challenge started. At 9am on 3rd July  four simultaneous competitions launched for schools across England: Boss of the North, Primary Boss of the North, Boss of the South and Primary Boss of the South. Swalwell...

It’s harvesting time!

This week Years 1 and 2 harvested the potatoes they had been growing. They did this as part of their science lessons where they learnt about the parts of a plant and what plants need to grow. The children have entered the competition with the heaviest potato they grew...

Beamish museum

Today Years 1 and 2 visited Beamish musuem as part of their 'Changes' topic. The children explored the coal mine, got to find out lots about how transport has changed over time, explored different houses and shops and everyone's favourite, bought sweets from the sweet...

A magical Christmas journey

All of the children in Key Stage 1 had a fantastic time performing 'The magical Christmas journey' to an audience this afternoon. They have spent a long time practising and really tried their hardest. Thank you to everyone that came to watch and support the children....

Great fire of Gateshead Visit

On 5th December, we visited the Gateshead and Newcastle Quayside to learn all about the events of the Great Fire in 1854.  We met Richard Stevenson (That History Bloke!) who gave us a tour and showed us all of the main sites that were affected by the fire. We acted...

Box of Treasures – Year 2

Year 2 received a box of treasures, owned by a child who lived through the Great Fire of Gateshead. We had a lot of fun working out what the artefacts were.

Science – Living Things

To help us with our topic, year 2 were visited by Mrs Leaver’s dog and Kristie’s pet rats to help us work out what makes something a living thing. We looked at what they had in common and then learnt all about the life processes. We made up actions for each of the...

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