Year 1

Mrs Leaver (Teacher) / Miss Lawson (Teacher) / Mrs Cunningham/ Mrs Telford (ARMs)


In Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) we build upon and respect the very good start the children receive in the EYFS. We aim to create and provide a safe, secure, motivational and thought-provoking environment that encourages children to become curious and independent learners.

There is a balance between adult directed, child led and independent activities; which incorporates creativity and investigative learning with a solid foundation in more formal methods.

This approach allows for a smooth transition for the children from the Early Years Foundation Stage and encourages the development of self-esteem, independence and mutual respect.

Athletics festival at Whickham

Today Year 1 took part in the athletics festival at Whickham School. The children completed an obstacle course, standing long jump, threw the howlers, ran a 50m sprint, 400m long run and relay race. We represented our school well and Kealie ran the 400 meters in 1...

Which way do we go?

This week in Year 1 we have been learning how to give and follow directions, including left and right and whole, half and quarter turns. We practised this outide giving each other instructions, using Beebots to program instructions and making our own treasure maps...

A very royal day

In Year 1 today we have been learning all about weddings in anticipation of the Royal wedding tomorrow. We started by looking at weddings in the past and how they have changed, including wedding day pictures of Mrs Leaver, Mrs Hall, Mrs Cunningham and Miss Foster (Mrs...

Growing cress

Today in Year 1 we have planted cress with Miss Thielmann as an introduction to our new topic in science 'Plants'. We will make observations over time and record what happens at different stages.

Finding fractions in Year 1

This week in maths we have been finding the fractions half and quarter. We started by looking at fractions of shapes and objects then moved on to factions of amounts using the bar model to help us. [gallery link="file"...

Printing portraits

This week in art we looked at the work of Andy Warhol and learnt how to make prints. We explored using leaves, potatoes, bobbins, apples, sponges and pears to print with. We then created portraits using these prints. Some of us created a printing block and changed the...

We’re artists in Year 1

Last week in Year 1 we learnt how to sketch portraits, paying close attention to the features of the face. This week we looked at the work of Van Gogh and how different colours can be used to express emotions. We then sketched portraits of family members and used...

Year 1’s class assembly

Today Year 1 performed their class assembly to the whole school. The children acted out the story of 'The enormous turnip', explained how to grow potatoes and shared the riddles we had been writing in English.

Growing in Spring

The potatoes we planted last half term have begun to shoot leaves. To encourage the potatoes to grow as large as possible we keep topping up the soil and watering them. We are looking forward to harvesting them on 12th June, when we will weigh them and enter the...

Amazing arrays!

Today in Year 1, we have been applying our knowledge of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to make arrays with cubes and counters. We have learnt the vocabulary 'groups of', 'row' and 'column'. We can write the number sentences as repeated addition. [gallery link="file"...

What’s it like in hospital?

Year 1 had a visit from Wendy, who works at the QE hospital in Gateshead. She told us all about what it was like in hospital, including how we might get there, who we might meet and some of the things that happen there. We also got to explore some of the machines! We...

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