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“Welcome to Nursery! At Swalwell Primary School we believe that young children learn and develop through play and exploration. We provide a play-based curriculum focusing on the children’s own interests and needs with lots of opportunity for investigation, learning and fun!”


Hansel and Gretel

To build on pupils' current knowledge of Classic Fairy Tales  we welcomed into school' Say Two Theatre Company'. They performed Hansel and Gretel to children from Nursery to Y3. Good music, acting and costumes brought the tale to life. Workshops followed where...

Nursery – Shrove Tuesday

Nursery enjoyed making and tasting pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They talked about how the ingredients looked and how they changed when mixed together. Most of the children enjoyed the pancakes, although some wondered why they weren't given chocolate sauce! Photographic...

Seven Stories – Nursery

Nursery enjoyed visiting Seven Stories on Tuesday 15th December 2015. They met Santa and his little helpers in the 'Nursery Rhyme Exhibition', took part in an arts and crafts session and listened to age appropriate stories. Photo...

Nursery Party 2015

Nursery children had a brilliant time at their Christmas Party. Good food,  disco dancing, great  games and a surprise visit from Santa made this  party extra special. Photo Link

The Nativity – Nursery/ Reception

Nursery and Reception performed their Christmas Nativity Play  this week.  They told the Christmas Story ‘The  Nativity’ using catchy songs, actions and movement. Every child had a part ….Some pupils were narrators whilst others were actors. The hall was packed, on...

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