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“Welcome to Nursery! At Swalwell Primary School we believe that young children learn and develop through play and exploration. We provide a play-based curriculum focusing on the children’s own interests and needs with lots of opportunity for investigation, learning and fun!”


We have a Butterfly!

Nursery were very excited this morning to find that one of our cocoons has become a butterfly - just in time before the end of term! We have put some fruit and sugar water in to the net for the butterfly to eat. We will be keeping a close eye on the other cocoons this...


The 5 Hungry Caterpillars in Nursery have changed in to cocoons. Hopefully they will emerge as butterflies before the half term break! The children have enjoyed creating their own art to show the lifecycle of the...

5 Very Hungry Caterpillars

Nursery have received some very special visitors - 5 hungry caterpillars. We have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and will examine our caterpillars every day hoping that they will soon spin their cocoons and turn in to...

Keeping Nursery Crime Free

Burglar Bear has been stealing objects from around Nursery! The children decided that the best way to stop him was to create a police station and work as police officers to solve the crimes and catch the crook. For more photographs see the Gallery

Healthy Teeth in Nursery

Nursery enjoyed a visit from the Dental Health Team this week. We learnt all about how to take care of our teeth, explored different types of tooth brush and even had a go at brushing a huge set of teeth. For more photgraphs see the Gallery

Whose that trip trapping over my bridge?

Nursery have continued to enjoy the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff this week. We decided that we would like to create our own bridge and enjoyed engaging in role play to retell the story. For more photographs see the Gallery

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have been reading the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in nursery this week. We decided to build our own bridges for the troll to live under. Whilst retelling the story we used positional language to describe where each of the characters was placed. [gallery...

World Book Day

Nursery have had a fun day celebrating World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and enjoyed listening to stories read by our special parent visitors. [gallery...

Nursery’s Fun Flipping Shrove Tuesday

Nursery have had a very busy Shrove Tuesday. We all had a go at making pancakes, exploring how the ingredients changed as we mixed them together. We then tasted our pancakes. Most of us decided that they were delicious! We played a pancake flipping game to practice...

Zoolab in Nursery

Nursery enjoyed a visit from Zoolab this week.They met giant snails, a giant millipede, a snake, two rats – Ben and Jerry, a spider and frogs.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals and had a go at moving in the same way as the animals. Photo...

Remote Control Cars

Nursery have enjoyed exploring remote control cars. They learnt how to make them go forwards and backwards and then created tracks using wooden blocks. Some of the children decided to build bridges and could use prepositional language to describe where their car was....

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