Early Years

Mrs Wicks (Teacher) Miss Lawson (Teacher)/ Mrs Vanner/ Ms Sanderson


“Welcome to Early Years! At Swalwell Primary School we believe that young children learn and develop through play and exploration. We provide a play-based curriculum focusing on the children’s own interests and needs with lots of opportunity for investigation, learning and fun!”


Tasty Toast!

This week in Early Years we have been practising our real life skills, making our own yummy snack. As a class we decided we would like to make toast. We worked with our adults to toast the bread before adding butter and jam spreads with real knives.       

Parent Notice

Please find attached a helpful sheet all about how you can support your child's learning at school and at home. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the Early Years team. [embeddoc...

Harvest Time!

Early Years were fascinated by the transformation of our garden since the spring. We couldn't believe how well our vegetables had grown and we thoroughly enjoyed picking and pulling them before comparing their appearance, textures and size!     We were shocked to find...

Healthy Sandwich Making

After Early Years' busy week searching for the Gingerbread Man we had an interesting discussion about fitness and how much energy we would need to chase after the character. This led to a chat about healthy and unhealthy foods. We decided to make some healthy choices...

Keeping Swalwell Safe!

On Monday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from PCSO Routledge-Cole, our local Police Community Support Officer. We learned all about the different roles of the police in our community and the ways in which they can help us as well as keeping Swalwell safe!...

People Who Help Us!

Early Years enjoyed a visit from Wendy, who works at the QE hospital in Gateshead. She told us all about what it was like in hospital, including how we might get there, who we might meet and some of the things that happen there. We also got to explore some of the...

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