Wednesday Update!

On Tuesday, the ultimate mathematics challenge started. At 9am on 3rd July  four simultaneous competitions launched for schools across England: Boss of the North, Primary Boss of the North, Boss of the South and Primary Boss of the South. Swalwell Primary is currently taking part in the Primary Boss of the North competition.

12 children from Y5 and Y6 have taken us into the Top 10 already! If we can stay in the Top 10 until 12th July then we’ll be in for a prize of £100 for school funds.

Earning a bronze medal is worth 1 point, a silver is worth 2 and a gold medal is worth 3 points towards the school’s score. Currently (at 10pm on 4th July) we are in 8th position with 1,259 points. An amazing effort from such a small group of children.

Tomorrow sees Y3, Y4 and Y5 joining in, with the possibility of Y2 by Friday.

Students earning 150+ points during the competition will win a real medal which will be sent out to  school in the post. Currently we have 3 pupils who have already smashed this target, with 242, 207 and 173 points.

Children taking part will be able to access the website at home and will be given their username/password.

This post will be updated regularly between now and the 12th July to show our progress.

Thursday Update!

At 5.23pm we were in 5th place out of more than 40 primary schools, with a massive 1,984 points. Well done to all of the ‘maths-whizz’ pupils. We also have 5 pupils who have now reached a medal position, with 286, 240, 231, 150 and 150 points.

Possibly even more exciting we have 2 children who are currently in the top 10 for points, if they maintain this until next Thursday then they will be in for an individual prize.

Well done to Year 5 and Year 4, who have entered the competition today. Year 5 have managed to reach 273 points already and Year 4 are up to 193. Keep up the great work.

Friday Update!

We received a message from Mangahigh:

We love hearing things like this 😃 really impressed by the sheer effort gone into achieving that from all of the children , a truly well-deserved spot in the Top 5! Keep up the great work kids!!!

Well done to Year 3, who have also joined the challenge today. Hoping we keep up the great work over the weekend to keep us in the Top 10.

Weekend Update!

Thanks to all of the children, who have worked so hard over the weekend to keep us in the Top 10.

Sunday morning we were doing well but had dropped to 7th place, what a surprise I got when I logged in this evening to see we had increased our score and were maintaining 7th place. We now also have a Year 4 child who has achieved a medal with an impressive score of 185 points.

I wonder what Monday morning will bring?

Monday Update!

Year 5 couldn’t wait to log on to see what had happened during Monday morning.

We’ve managed to maintain our 7th place however, it’s becoming a real battle in the Top 10 with places above us regularly moving.

It will be a real challenge during Tuesday morning to maintain our place however, I’m sure we’ll manage.

Tuesday Update!

As predicted today has been a real challenge as it was transition morning and all of the classes were visiting their new teachers for next year.

As a result we have lost some ground and dropped into 8th place. Hopefully, we can have a concerted effort tomorrow to move back into 7th place or at least maintain out Top 10 place.

On a positive note we currently have 9 children, who have reached 150pts +, so will be receiving a medal. I wonder how many more we can have before Thursday at 3pm?

Wednesday Update!

What a day! We started in 9th place, rose to 8th, fell back to 9th, rose to 7th, fell back to 8th…

It’s continued all day with us and another school vying for 7th/8th place.

Tomorrow will be our last day, will we be able to maintain on Top 10 place?

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