On 5th December, we visited the Gateshead and Newcastle Quayside to learn all about the events of the Great Fire in 1854.  We met Richard Stevenson (That History Bloke!) who gave us a tour and showed us all of the main sites that were affected by the fire. We acted out the key events and imagined what it would have been like at the time. We also visited Bessie Surtees house and the Discovery museum where we looked at the Newcastle though the years exhibition to see how things have changed. We also had a lot of fun playing in the ‘hoppins’.

We even made up our own version of the rhyme ‘London’s burning’ to recall the events.

Gateshead’s burning, Gateshead’s burning,
Warehouse on fire, warehouse on fire,
Water not working, water not working,
Fetch the engines, fetch more engines.

Policeman shouting, policeman shouting,
Fire, fire! Fire, fire!
People are screaming, people are dying!
Houses are burning, houses are burning.

Newcastle’s burning, Newcastle’s burning,
Three explosions, three explosions,
Rocks are flying, rocks are flying,
Pull down the buildings, stop the fire.


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