Early Years enjoyed participating in ‘Beep Beep Day’ on Wednesday for Road Safety Week. We played lots of games and engaged in a range of fun activities designed to teach us how to keep safe by the road.

We started the day by playing a listening game in partners making sure to keep a tight hold of our bear’s hands, stopping quickly when the music came to a halt.




Returning to class, the children learned an alternative version of the ‘Wheels on the bus’ song, reminding us to stop and wait when crossing the road with our adults.

We later worked together to create a road safe for pedestrians to cross with Miss Lawson, designing pelican crossings, long pathways and a foot bridge.

Mrs Vanner helped us to create a special poster to display at school to remind our adults of how important it is to hold our hands when we are out walking by roads.

Mrs Vanner also helped us to bake some delicious biscuit men which we later iced in red and green, discussing the colours and what they mean when crossing the road. This task allowed us to apply our listening skills, following instructions whilst exploring weight, quantity and texture. It also led to lots of interesting estimation and counting work!




Mrs Wicks worked with us to order a range of cars by size before racing them to see which car traveled the furthest.

During the afternoon session the children worked together to program Bee-Bots, travelling across the road map safely.


All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their day and were keen to tell their adults all about road safety on their journey home!

Well done Early Years!



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