On 6th June, Year 6 travelled to the BBc studios to have a tour around the building; we were so enthusiastic to find out where some well-known television programmes were filmed such as: Hetty Feather, Diddy Dick and Dom, Wolfblood, The Dumping Ground and the local news.

Firstly we met our tour guides, Katie and Simon, who were very welcoming they took us to our lockers to put our coats away, then they gave us a name badge and a lanyard. After that we played two Horrible History games. In the first exciting game, Bailey and Kyle mummified a body, they had to put the organs and intestines in canopic jars with the right Gods but without taking the heart out of the lifeless body.The next game included Queen Elizabeth; Samuel and Annie raced against the clock to put a jigsaw back together. Annie won nut it was a close call!

It was now time to start our tour of the ‘Pink Palace.’ We began with a room where Gilly Hope presents and records in. we were told we missed Boris Johnson by just a few hours! We stood in front of a green screen which magically turned into the Quayside. Year 6 were amazed.

Next we went into the Look North studio. We were astounded by all of the lights and cameras. We sat at the desk and had a photograph taken, also we sat on the famous couch where the sports is presented.

when we left we went to the set of Hetty Feather(Jacqueline Wilson book). We were able to sit at desks used in the filming and hold and touch some of the props, we were even able to wear some of the costumes.

During our visit we filmed Ryan and Keira playing the parts of Diddy Dick and Dom, it was hilarious. After that we watched a clip of Wolfblood and sat in the tent that was used in that episode.

15 minutes later we went to the set of The Dumping Ground. Bailey, Annie and Kyle had to remake the table as the cleaner had tidied away all of the props. It was a race against time but the team managed very well.

Finally Samuel, Lara and Carly made their own clip of Newsround. Samuel presented the sport, Carly the news and Lara the weather. We were able to watch it back and we found it amusing.

Sadly it was time to leave and we grabbed our coats and said thank you to Katie and Simon.

It was a great afternoon.

Written by Carly and Annie

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