On Monday, the children in Year 5 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Paddy. Paddy works for Durham University delivering outreach workshops in primary schools and he came to work with us on our latest topic, The Ancient Greeks.

During the morning, we spent some time looking at both replica and real artifacts. We were very excited and honored to be able to see artifacts which were 2500 years old and touch them for ourselves. We thought about what each item was made of, what it might be used for and what it might tell us about the person who owned it.

After lunch, we worked on a play script called the Medea. We enjoyed acting out the roles of the different characters as well as being a participating audience! In Year 5 we are very dramatic! We also made our own votive offerings to the god of healing and found out a little about Ancient Greek medicine.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Paddy and we now know so much more about the Greeks!

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