Yesterday, Year 1 received a very strange letter from someone called Mr A. Mr A asked us if we could be sensible enough to look after a very important parcel he was going to deliver tomorrow. We all wrote letters back to Mr A explaining that all of the children in Year 1 are always so sensible and of course we could be trusted with his parcel!

Throughout Wednesday morning, strange things were happening in Year 1. We could hear bursts of thunder and peculiar noises coming from outside. Just after 11am, Mrs Hall burst into our classroom to tell us she had seen a flash of light and a parcel falling from the sky! We knew that had to be Mr A!

We were all very careful when opening the parcel as we had no idea what remarkable things could be inside.

However, no one was prepared for the extraordinary objects that were inside… UNDERPANTS!

We carefully took them out of the box and they were all covered in green goo and glitter! We were all very confused as to why Mr A would send us a box full of underpants so we asked some of the other classes if they had seen anything peculiar going on to give us some ideas or clues.

Year 3 were very helpful and told us all about the strange goings on up in their classroom!

I wonder what else Mr A will leave for Year 1…

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