Today has been a very exciting day in Year 5. After patiently waiting, the first of our chicks began pipping which means that they started to chip their way out of their egg. We have been watching the progress of the chick all day and have been very excited. Just after the children went home, our first chick was born. The egg the chick came from was marked with a black spot to help us to identify it. We predicted that this chick might be born on Thursday in the afternoon so it was a little earlier than we thought. It is difficult to tell whether it is a boy or a girl yet as it will need to dry out in the incubator before we can look at what colour it is. Yellow chicks are male and a chick with a brown and yellow mixed colour is a female. When Miss Bell left school, three other chicks had began pipping. We are excited to see how many new born chicks we find when we come into school tomorrow!

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