It’s day four now and this morning we were excited to see that four more chicks had been born overnight! All chicks are happy and feeling chirpy. The chicks are doing so well that we have transferred them to the breeder box, which will be their home for the rest of the time they are with us. In the breeder box there is: food which will be changed twice a day; water, which the chicks often like to put their feet in and sawdust to make them a comfy bed. The chicks are kept warm in the breeder box with a light bulb which will be kept on for the whole time they are with us.

Miss Bell let some of the children give the five chicks names. So far we have: Daisy who is our only girl so far and was named by Bethany and Gab; Rex who I was chosen to name; Flip who was named by Falon; Rio who was named by Leon and finally, Adam who was named by Lacey.

This afternoon we got the chicks out to play with them. We love them so much already!

News traveled fast around the school and we have already had lots of visitors. We now just hope that we will have more arrivals soon!

By Steven

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