Y2/3 /4 visited the Watermark City Learning Centre on Wednesday 16th June. They worked with excellent ICT facilities on a programme called ‘North East Heroes’.
Using Chromakey television technology, pupils were able to re-enact scenes for famous North East Heroes for example; Grace Darling, Captain Peacock, Lord Armstrong, Joseph Swann.
Pupils researched the hero, wrote a script and performed in front of the camera a cameo describing why the character was famous.
Staff at the Watermark have agreed to display some of our pupils work on the website.
J Anderson
Year 4
Jordan Jeffrey
Shay Longstaff
Sophie Pears
Angel Bautista
Jessica Hall
Hannah Birdsall
Emily Brown
Year 2/3
Abigail Ormond
Dylan Gardner
Liam Swan
Rebecca Dixon

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